My Project

The "Cello Pizz" Project -This is where I display some of my research on the timbral contents of pizzicati actuated at different points on the string

Co-founded Ensembles

Phoenix Quartet -A quartet for the end of time: we present Olivier Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time alongside newly commissioned works inspired by Messiaen's quartet as well as an informal discussion

Stark Raving - A slightly manic, sometimes flute/cello duo 

Other Ensembles

ensemble mise-en

Luminous Sounds

Check out my friends' music 

Kelley Barnett, flutist, composer, barista 

andPlay, violin and viola, new music masters, world conquerors

Vicente Alexim, composer, clarinetist, boss

Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie, composer

Chartreuse, string trio, innovators, travellers

Emily Praetorius, composer, doctor-to-be, smart cookie

Zach Sheets, composer, flutist, wizard

Will Stackpole, composer, New-Englander, future dog-owner

Jason White, pianist, improvisor, financial advisor